martin ward
images©martinward 2007
My creative energies and world view seem to me to result from the interaction of my personal experiences with the universal desire of human beings to express themselves, especially by creating works of art. Certainly the need to communicate in this way is something I feel very strongly.

The essential qualities of pictures are color, composition, form and the hallmark of the artist. I personally enjoy heightening my self-expression by using non-traditional materials in conjunction with paint and colour. In the result some people find my work both abstract and extremely traditional, and I rather agree with them.

I can feel the influence on my own creative voice of the different views expressed by sociologists, artists and philosophers regarding cinema, literature, architecture and politics, some more obviously influential than others.

Another considerable influence on me is the material environment - the texture of things, and the pattern of their spatial relationships. Nowadays, however, I don’t spend as much time thinking about painting as I used to – I just paint, out of the need to communicate, stimulated by something in the environment which overwhelmingly excites and inspires me.

I have been getting great pleasure, even joy, from the process of creation ever since I started drawing on the walls of my bedroom as a child.

There is no doubt that the desire to communicate, complex though it is, constitutes an integral part of my personality.